Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Blogiversary and Today's Finds

Today is my one year blogiversary!

A year later and i'm still bumbling my way around, not quite sure what a html really is, or how to make those awesome slide shows you see on other blogs, but i do know that blogging has been a big step outside of myself. This is a good thing!
I'm a pretty private, quiet person- not always the easiest to get to know, however, in blog land i have connected with the sweetest, most accepting people. (Sweet man calls them 'imaginary friends'-right. Just like those 'fantasy football' players are real-don't get me started!)

I started blogging simply to connect with other people who love junk, crafting, decorating, etc... and to look for inspiration, and wow, talk about hitting the mother load! Blog land has the best group of creative people in one cyber place that i've ever met. I love your pictures, your re-do's, your junky finds and all your amazing inspiration!

Before blogging i never understood what a 'follower' was, but now i get it. Thanks all 23 of you lovely people (even though 3 of you live in my house) for reading, looking at poorly shot pictures and just basically hanging in there with me. Big bloggy group ♥ hug ♥

And now for today's finds! You can tell estate and garage sale season is winding down around here- good sales are few and far between- lots of icky clothing and old sneakers-yeah.
I did manage to find a couple keepers, this train case will make a great carry-all for Ms. A's drawing supplies, and you gotta love you a cloche with a bottom. The picture frame and Halloween decoration go without saying.

But best yet, i came home to find these lov-er-ly windows on my porch!
It's like the junk fairy left tidings of junky love at my door! Really, it was my carpenter friend, Ryan. He had just finished a new window install on a historic house and saved these two beauties for me! Yay!

(can you see Rylee's fro in the reflection on the glass on the right? That doodle is everywhere!)

Here's to another year of blogging!

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