Monday, September 27, 2010

Pillow Make-Over

Rylee has decided to join me in a little pillow make-over (she thinks she needs to be part of everything)

I had this little bolster of Ms. B's from before her room make-over.

I got this laundry bag (?) from an estate sale earlier this Summer- i love the color and the printing on the front of it- Forrest M Phillips, i don't know who you are, but i love your bag!

(yes, i confess, i cut the bag apart before i took a picture of it, but you get the idea, right?)
Even after a thorough washing, it still has stains and stamp marks, but i like that!

I fit the bag around the pillow so the printing would be hi-lighted, pinned it, sewed it into a tubeRylee, with her super model legs, showing us the 'before' sewing pic

I tried to use the thick cord that originally cinched the bag together, but it was too thick, so... i grabbed the kitchen string ( and am shamelessly showing off my cute string holder- don't cha just love it!)
Drew up the ends nice and tight and...ta da! cute little bolster

Thanks Forrest!
What are you working on? I'm trying to get up the motivation to paint Ms. A's bedroom- i've got the paint and a to get the push to start! I'm just too distracted with this great Autumn weather! I suppose i could start with some 'before' photo's!

Have a great day!

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  1. Very cute project! When I find the time I sit and stitch on a snowman my mom started and never finished!


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