Monday, September 20, 2010

Let's Visit Sweden and Finland!

I want to share with you a few (i promise, only a few!) pictures from our cruise this summer.
One of our stops was Sweden and Finland. Sweden is somewhere i have always wanted to visit. The architecture, the culture, the was all amazing.

This is what we saw as we pulled into port in Stockholm.
I could live hereWe had a wonderful guide named, 'Aviva' I wanted to adopt her-pack her in my suit case and steal her home- she was adorable. She cheerfully dragged all nine of us all over Stockholm. She even helped me find a 'Jeanne d' Arc Living' magazine (even though it's Danish- gasp!) What a dear. She showed us, with so much pride, the 'Vasa', that sunk hundreds of years ago and was raised from the muck, dried out and partially restored- incredible. (I have twenty or more photo's of this ship-this one picture hardly does it justice)

On to Finland

And then there were the home decor stores. This was my favorite, and in my excitement i forgot to get the name of this store! All i could think was, 'i have to put this on my blog-we LOVE this kind of stuff!'
Sweet man kept asking, 'Whose we ?'
He doesn't get it yet, but i know you do!

Dreamy, creamy, shabby, embellished, yummy stuff.

Oh, my

After they dragged me kicking and crying out of the store, we went to the second best place in the world- the pastry shop

Yes, i take pictures of food

I love food

and chocolate
and shoes ♡All better!

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