Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Roasting Salsa

It was the perfect night for roasting marshmallows. The air was cool and the moon shining.

We didn't have any marshmallows made ( here is where i have a slight rant over marshmallows, if you wish to skip this part, i totally understand.)
Marshmallows are disgusting creations. They are made with gelatin, which is the gruesome melting of animal bones and skin. Yup, then they mix this grossness with sugar to made marshmallows. And we feed.these.to.our.kids.

This is why i make my own marshmallows. O.K. i feel better now, are you still with me?

The girls, both being jr. pyro's, wanted something to burn. They ended up roasting tomatoes and jalapeno peppers!The tomatoes explode when they are done and the peppers smell amazing!

We didn't have any onions to roast, so we'll add those later.
Every one was happy. The girls got to burn stuff and mama got her salsa.
Life is good!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Goods

I did me a little garage sale-ing this week and oooh, the pickin's were good!

I've always wanted one of these watering cans, but the price has always stopped me-not today. Hold on to your nickers....$4.00! I almost felt like i was stealing!

Just look at that green spoutie thing! I have big watering can lurve!

I'm not sure what this bag will be in its next life (or how to clean it so it doesn't fall apart!)
But i'm lovin' it

One side...

The bonus? Turn it inside out and this was the inside of the other side ( does that make sense?)

A big bag of clothes pinsIn the bottom of the bag was this itty bitty clothes pin! And it's green!

I can imaging this marble being plucked from the pocket of a some child on wash day and being forgotten in the bottom of the clothes pin bag for years. It's quite beautiful, blue with a bubble in the center. (Should have taken a better picture)

Bunches of beautiful lace and trims

I think these were my favorite find.
Giant.Blue.Mason jars.
I washed them up and transferred my Stoli Dolli and blueberry mar-toonies into them.

Have you ever had a blue berry martini? They taste like grown-up Kool-aid. Good. Maybe too good!.

In a non porous container pour in a bag of frozen blueberries-they're a little mushier than fresh.
Cover with vodka and mash a little (the berries or your hunnie, whatever)
Let this sit in the fridge for a few days, stirring occasionally .
After you've stared and drooled at the jug for as long as you can stand it, strain out the liquid into your serving container adding fresh berries, some simple syrup and a splash of grape juice.

Shake it like your mama taught cha ( i don't know where that came from) and serve.

Enjoy! There is nothing like some cool blueberry love on a hot summer night ♡

What did you find this weekend?

Have a great one!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Garden Views

A friend of mine once told me that after months of working in your garden, August was the month to sit back and enjoy it all. I walked through the yard this morning taking pictures and thought i would share some with you. The good, the bad, and the blurry!

The bunt pan i bought earlier this summer got planted with sedums.

Check out the water drop in this one- it looks like a diamond!

Blurry bee...
The first bloom of many on our arbor. Soon this...
...will be this!

This has framed my girls 'first day of school' shot for the past several years ( much to their grumbling!)
A pot of herbs. It smells de.vine. Soon, i'll start drying some of these for winter. Right now we use them as fast as we can. The basil is down to the nubs!
Good morning, glories!
The pole beans did great this summer
Just look at that little guy! Isn't he the cutest? I know, he probably munch all those holes in the pedals, but he's still cute!
I have a great 'accidental' pumpkin vine growing from the compost bin. There are two biggies growing here. Perfect for Halloween.
Yay! Another blurry shot!
I started another patch of ferns next to the hammock. Last year some puppy (i'm not naming any names, RYLEE ) thankyouverymuch, decided it would be a great place to dig, nap, chew, and dig some more. We'll try again.
I bought a bunch of these flowers at the farmers market. I have no idea what they are or if they'll return next year. I really hope so. They have long stiff stems with purple clusters on the ends. Any idea's???
These urns sat on every one of my Grandparents porches for as long as i can remember. They always filled them with red geraniums and spikes. I love looking through old photo's and seeing them in the background. They make me feel like i've come home ♡
The worst you treat these cone flowers, the better they do. The bee's and butterflies have a field day with them.Thanks for wandering through the garden with me : )

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Love

Yesterday Sweet man and i celebrated our 21st anniversary. Bliss

Tomorrow i celebrate my 46th birthday. Denial

Really? 46? The voice in my head is only about 18. She tells me i can do anything! She has boundless energy and is ready to conquer the world.

Sometimes the voice is 30 and looks at life with a practical eye. She'd like to have 10 more babies and feels pretty secure about herself.

There are days the voice feels 80. Her bones ache and she can't seem to get enough done.

Tomorrow i'll be 46.

How old is the voice in your head?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Greenfield Village Continued

Chillin' on the Firestones porch
Our day at Greenfield Village was filled with exploring history and making new friends. Mr. Sole Monkey turned out to be an extremely social little guy! He was quite the celebrity!

Well, maybe not everyone was thrilled to meet him.
I love the laundry on the line. It must have been so time consuming to do it this way, but it looks lovely blowing in the breeze.
There are many people strolling around in period costumes. I think they cover the 1800's-1900's (they had to be roasting in those clothes! It was HOT)
The Wright brothers cycle shop
Two little ladies that took a shine to MSM ;) Love what you did with your hair!
At the end of the day we all were pretty exhausted. MSM decided to catch a nap in my purse while this turkey looked on.If you ever make it to Michigan, this place is really worth the time. There is so much i didn't cover (i was hot and there was a monkey in my purse) the history that is represented in this village with it's trains, paddle boat and museum is beautiful. I discover something new every time i visit. Be sure to give me a holler if you go!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Monkey With Manners

This morning, Ms. B and i set out for one of our favorite field trips- Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan. This trip was a little different, for we had a monkey in tow. Not just any monkey, but Mr. Sole monkey himself was joining us on our outing.

One of our favorite girly things to do there is have tea at Cotswold Cottage. It's set in a sweet walled garden and you can enjoy an array of treats and tea.

We were not sure how a monkey would behave at tea, however Mr. Sole monkey proved himself a true gentleman.

(Even if he couldn't reach the table!)

The other monkey at the table, Ms. B

(sorry honey!)

We had a beautiful day together. I'll share more of our adventure tomorrow!