Friday, January 29, 2010

I Fought The Couch And The Couch Won

This is what i have been dreaming of...(only bigger!)This is what we have. Now hold on, twenty years ago this was da bomb! Purple and green, whew, it was a statement from the 80's.

It's a bit much. There use to be two of them but our dog at the time ate the other one (thank you, Shadow!)

So it's been covered in this. It's o.k. kind of drab.The dogs liked it.

However, today at Target i found this! On clearance! Hurray Target!
SO much better, all creamy and dreamy...

maybe someday i'll splurge on the settee from Ballards but until then...♡ Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Good-bye diet! Good-bye skinny jeans, it's been nice knowing you! Maybe someday we'll meet again. Last night sweet man brought this home from the office. The last of those wonderful gift baskets from the holidays. How it lasted untouched for this long, i'll never know. Before i could get it all unloaded from the basket Ms.A and Ms.B were already studying the Godiva 'map' to lay claim on their favorites. Good luck ladies, while you're slaving away at school i'm poking the bottoms out and claiming my favorites. Aw, you know i love you and will save you your faves♡

Friday, January 22, 2010


How do they know??? It's is if they're peeking into my dreams! I've been wanting to make another burlap pillow...with a nest...and a definition...and look what Pottery barn did for me!I ♥ them! And it only gets better, they have a whole line of bird and nest dishes! Now i need more dishes like a hole in the head so...
i limited myself to these. A reward for showing such restraint! Right? Right? i know you get this!
Hope you have a happy Gaia Friday!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Part Three-Collections and Obsessions

I just returned from spending a lovely week in San Diego with my sweet man. We were there for a conference and stayed at the historic U.S. Grant Hotel. It was beauteous! I thought i would be all savvy and update my blog from the hotels business hub-yeah, remember it's me we're talking about. I just figured out how to set the house alarm! Not a techie at all. So any who, now i'm back home on my trusty MacBook (that doesn't try to trick me with big words and strange commands) to finish up collections and obsession's!
This is my favorite collection-girly stuffies!!! Oh swoon! I adore the creamy yellow of French Ivory. This vanity collection started with a mirror and hair receiver that belonged to my maternal Grandmother whom i never knew.
And purses. Oh, purses! I use these lovelies every chance i get. The baby shoes were worn by both my daughters.
Don't forget to carry a hankie! There are so many pretty ones. Many of these were my Grammy Vi's.

(why does Blogger flip my pics!) I carried the lil' white pattion leather to church when i was 'lil.
Sparklie shiny pretties make me SO happy! These old rhinestone belt buckles make awesome picture frames!

These shoe clips work great on my closet tie-backs.
O.K. Here is where the obsession part kicks in- i can't pass up gloves! LOVE them! The frillier the better. Any time i see them at a sale, i grab them! (Sometimes i wear them too!)
Here are some a wore when i was little- i guess it started early.
perfume bottles...
...and little chairs!
The majority of the chairs are outside in the garden, but i'm too much of a wimp to go out in the cold to photograph them! Sorry! Perhaps in the spring... Thanks for spending your time and letting me share these things with you that are near and dear to my heart!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Collections part deux

It's time for part deux of collections and obsessions (i thought that sounded better that 'Here's more of my junk')
The martini shaker collection started when i found the green and white one (front right) in the basement of the house we now live in. The previous homeowners must have left it knowing we would need a nip or two when we started tackling the renovation this house needed. Thanks guys!

I just recently started collecting the Sid Dickens plaques or tiles ( i'm not sure which they are)
I think most people collect them in series, however i've never been a conformist and picked randomly (i think the sales girl almost had a kitten) from what struck my fancy. That's just the kind of girl i am, so there!
This tree is my favorite.

...and more keys. No, we don't really have a Paris apartment. A girl's gotta dream, right?

But we do have a loo that somehow we're always getting locked out of, thus the cute bathroom key.

Suitcases. LOVE suitcases. The large hat box was my Grandfathers and the small hatbox i bought in Chicago almost twenty years ago with my bestest Marilynn. I sometimes carry it as a purse (that's a whole other obsession!)
I turned this one into a holder for music books.
This one made a cute side table.

The more the better! Now the one dirty little secret of these old suitcases is that they stink! Yea, you heard me. Stink. I've tried airing them in the sun, Lysol, Febreeze, baking soda, nothing has the power to de-stinkify them. So closed they stay. Forever. Amen.
I got this big metal chocolate box to hide my desk junk in. It works for me.
So i bought a couple more. More junk hidden.
You have only dipped your toe into the depths of my collections and obsessions. I promise not to drag you in too far.♡ Oh,maybe a couple more wouldn't hurt!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Collections part one

It only seems appropriate that i start this with my collection of nests. I love the architectural qualities of the mud and twig nests with their downy interiors (can you see the dragonfly wing woven into this one?)
and the airy weaving of the smaller ones. Some birds reuse their nests from the previous spring, so please don't remove them from trees! All the nests i've collected, i found on the ground.
I think this pin inspired my first love for birds and nests. My mom wore this when i was little.

So many of the tea cups i have, were given to me by family and friends. I love the creamy sheerness of Belleek.

Teeny tiny tea cups...
and egg cups, too!
Old books, especially the small older books that have such beautiful covers.

My Grand parents started me on Gene Stratton-Porter when i was little. She wrote of nature and insects, all the things i love (oh, those giant moths of the Limberlost!) I grab these books whenever i find them.

There is something so touching about the sentiments (thanks David!) written inside the covers.
Oh, that's just the beginning! Check back tomorrow to see what else i dig up!