Tuesday, September 14, 2010

100th Post!

Who da thunk it? I actually cranked out 100 posts!

While this may not seem like an accomplishment, if you know me you'd understand. I'm not by nature a chit chatty person, i'm really rather quiet. Sometimes it seems to take me a ridiculous amount of time to tap out a post! Any who, thanks for reading, listening, commenting and sticking with me!

Love you guys!

So, on that note, i'm dumping the travel log of our European trip...it's a snore! Aarrggg! I'm so sorry!

I bored myself when i re-read it!

Here's the new plan- there were so many cool things we did and saw, and so many times i thought, "Ah, i've got to blog about this!" ( see? i was thinking about you!) I think i'll just hi-lite certain things that stood out.

So, there ya have it! Hopefully no one falls asleep (good golly, i am my Fathers daughter- minus the slide projector!)

Let's talk soon!

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  1. Congrats! 100 posts is quite a bit of writing!!! Here's to another 100 :) *cheers*


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