Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Fun Would It Be Without Another Project?

I just heart Salvation Army! It's like i get an idea of something i want, and Salvation Army sneaks in my head, reads my thoughts and POOF! I find it in their store! So weird.

This table may have looked better in my head but after it gets sanded down and painted i think we'll be fast friends!

Somebody took a lot of care in painting these flowers all around the top. I like the way the sides fold down too (that idea wasn't in my head) and i don't believe the base is original to the table (different woods) but it's gonna be great when it's all finished! I keep repeating this to my self. Over and over.

Ms.B and i had our girls day out. We went to estate sales, shopped and had a great lunch together. We found these ballet slippers, china birds and tray. I've never been much of a pink girl, EEK, i know! For shame! But it's starting to grow on me. Sometimes i'm a little slow to catch on.

Still thinking about making that fairy garden...these little guys would be perfect.

Enjoy your weekend!

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