Thursday, July 29, 2010


I love a good storm.
Yesterday afternoon the skies opened up and unleashed a hum dinger of a storm. Thunder and lightning and torrents of rain filled our afternoon and left us without power. Ya Hoo!!! Crazy woman, i know! I use to love when the power went out. Lighting the candles, no television, eating out of the pantry, however, sweet man had a natural gas generator installed last year...yeh, there goes my little house on the prairie party!
While the rest of the neighborhood was in the dark, we were glowing like a lightning bug. Still not sure if i love it or not. Sweet man loves not bailing out the sump. That's a good thing. Breathe.
The beauty after the storm.
Power is back on, there is a blissful cool breeze blowing and the windows are wide open for the first time in weeks.
It's a perfect day for Ms. B and i to go treasure hunting, spend some girl time and breathe.

Sometimes i forget to breathe.


  1. I love it when the power goes out after a storm too. candles and such. but not too long so that the stuff in my freezer thaws :)

  2. It seems like everyone is dealing with rain/storms lately. It is supposed to rain/thunderstorms off and here, all through the weekend!

    Bring on the candles and coziness! :)


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