Sunday, July 25, 2010

Strange Skies

You have to admit, it's been a strange summer.

Here in Michigan we've had lots of rain, and the air hangs thick with humidity and mosquitoes!

The other night after our nightly batch of storms had passed, Ms. B went outside and shot these pictures.

The sky took on an eerie shade of orange.

Everything in the yard that was pink, became an oompa-loompa orange!

It was quite a show

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  1. Wow! Those are some amazing photos. They look similar to some of the sunsets we've seen here lately. Incredible. And yes, it's been very, very warm and humid here compared to last year. Ugh! :)

    PS Has Mr. Sole Monkey arrived? I've not heard any news on him. I also sent you an email with the login info so you can do your own posts. Did you get that?

    Hugs! :)


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