Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Old Books

Old books have always been part of my life. Summers spent with my Grandparents always included trips to estate sales searching for books amongst other treasures.

The Gene Stratton Porter series was one of the first books my Grandpa introduced me to. I have several from his collection and any time i come across one of her books, i snatch it up even if i already own that title. Just love 'em!

Children's school books and writing ledgers are some of my faves. I found these recently at an estate sale.

This primer has the sweetest illustrations.

(sorry, gremlins flippin' my pics!)

Written inside is, " Because you have been a little gentleman, i am giving you this book"

Isn't that sweet?
I use to sing this song, "The Moon" to my babies.

On a completely different note, look who arrived! It's Mr. Sole Monkey! He's here for a visit! Check out his adventures at

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I LOVE old books too! Do you read the forgotten bookmark? Awesome blog and he has giveaways a lot (old books) here's a link just in case


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