Friday, March 18, 2011

Nightstand and Table Make-over

Last summer {good grief, last summer? } I started the re-do of Ms. B's bedroom.

{confession: It's still not finished, but it's close!}

We've had this little set of drawers in the family forever, and they've been every color of the rainbow. Time to change that.

Ta da! All done! Just kidding, this was such a messy project that i didn't get and in between photo's! I bought several yards of this fabric, knowing i'd use it somewhere else in her room, laid the dresser down in the fabric to make a sort of pattern. I cut out the pieces and painted Mod Podge on the dresser, pressed the fabric in place, and smoothed out the wrinkles. It really was easy, although really messy {let's not talk about the globs of Mod Podge in my hair. Ok? Ok.It's in it's temporary place next to her bed, soon to move into her closet to make way for the Ikea piece that i'm trying to put together without to much swearing : ) It's not a pretty process.

Here is another quick make-over the i made with one of those cheapie round tables that we've all had at one time or another.

I cut the legs down by about a third, then cut a piece of foam for the table top. Glued it on with spray glue- warning, don't do this inside without a drop cloth...don't ask me how i know, i just do...I covered the foam top with the fabric and stapled it down.

Trimmed it up, re-attached the legs, and made it a skirt.

I tacked the skirt on with silver upholstery tacks, and there she is!

This lil' stood cannot support the weight of a 14 year old girl, again, don't ask me how i know...i just do : ( However, it stands up just fine to the weight of books and clothes and anything else that's laying around...and there usually is

Hopefully soon i can show you the full reveal. It's on my list. Really!

Have a great weekend.

Happy Spring!

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