Sunday, March 27, 2011

Got Girdles?

♫ We've got girdles, how 'bout you? ♪

♪ We've got girdles, we bought two! ♬

Ms. B and i, marched ourselves off to the Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show in Bloomfield Hills, MI this past weekend. It's our favorite. We've been going for years. Ms. A just isn't that into the vintage thang... she lives in the the Gaga-Glee-Bieber-i'vegotspongebobtowatch-now.

Any who, when we saw these vintage girdles, i knew they had to go home with us. { Yes, the minute we got home and in the door, we both tried on our finds...she looked darling in hers, and i...let's just say, it may become a daily addition to my wardrobe! }

Before we left for the show, i gave Ms.B a couple of victory rolls- isn't she cute? Gotta get your vintage on!

My vintage girl picked up this gen-u-ine bullet bra- it's the funniest thing i've ever seen! So pointy! I don't think she'll be wearing this out of the house. Just sayin'.

I bought this lacy bed jacket with the thought of tea dying it a bit. I think it would be cute with faded jeans, a velvet cami and cowboy boots.

Sweet 'lil bow closure ♡
Also, this dreamy robe.
So floaty and sheer.

But, the best find of all, is this mother of pearl carry-all. For years i've looked at these with lust in my heart- and dust in my wallet. For what ever reason, this one was just the right price and in fabulous shape. Woo hoo!

Inside is a mirror, a lipstick holder {never used}, a comb with pouch and a small tank for powder. If there ever was a powder puff, it doesn't live here anymore.

All the goodies inside.

The mirror swings down to reveal a stash for mad money...originally, probably used for cigarettes.
I love that this cutie has a wrist chain. So smarmy! on my arm-ie...oh, that was bad...

Now to find her a comfy spot to hangout, with the rest of the girls.

Thanks for sharing our awesome vintage day!

Got girdles?

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