Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finches and Friends

All winter long, we've been feeding the finches. We hung a feeder in the tree outside the laundry room window, since i seem to spend a lot of time there. I keep binoculars nearby so i can zoom in on their beautiful colors. I hope the neighbors don't see me peeping out my window-probably wouldn't go over very well!

Yes, that's a dusting of snow in the background - snow has become a four letter word with me, lately- the bad kind of four letter word. We attract mostly golden finches, however every now and then we get a wine colored finch. See it on the left, there? Isn't it sweet?

Here is a shamelessly cute dog picture. See the paint can in the background? Proof that i'm actually working, not just taking cute pictures!

There's too much cuteness. And i'm not ashamed.

Max and Rylee made a new friend. Goodness knows where this little guy's been hiding all winter...actually, i don't want to think about it.

Rylee brought him over to introduce him to Max. "Max, allow me to introduce you to my new best friend, da bug. He is not a nom nom. He is my friend"

"Um, you're getting kind of close, bug friend"

"Eewie, ewie, ewie! Get this hideous thing off me!!! HEEEELP!!!"

Rylee's new best friend the bug now living happily in the garage amongst its own kind... we don't mention the word "bug" out loud anymore.

Have a great Wednesday!

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