Monday, November 29, 2010

Like a Hole in The Head

That's just about how badly i need another project! I still haven't completed moving around furniture in our family room, sweet mans home office has become a dumping ground for all things 'in progress', and Ms. A's bedroom re-do is still un-done. Gaawww!

So, what a great time to take up a new hobby! Right?

I've always wanted to crochet, and i have a sweet collection of wooded hooks and such, so i checked out a tutorial on youtube by Aunt Esther. What a sweetie! She has a simple, easy to follow video, and come to find out she has a blog, too. She answers all questions no matter how silly (thank goodness) Check it out at, Ask Aunt Esther.

We have plenty of left over yarn from various school projects. I've always loved the color of this one.

This is what i have so far (yes, i've un-done and re-started at least a dozen times!)

I really have no idea what i'm making, but it's kind of fun! Check out that little ruffle on the bottom- i have no idea how that happened- but i like it!

It seems like all projects these days need a pair of these. Ugh.

Have you started decorating yet??? We broke out the menorah this week end! Check back on Thursday and i'll show you our Hanukkah decor.

Happy Monday!

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