Monday, November 15, 2010

Doodle Did It-Part 1

Anytime something has been chewed up, dug up or just plain messed with, we declare, "Doodle did it" We know this to be true because Maximus would never lower himself to the hi jinx of his sister. There's too much shame involved and he just doesn't enjoy 'badness'

Case in point- the suspicious brown blob on the floor that Max is walking away from, isn't what you might think...'s what's left of our friend the Tick. May he rest in pieces.

Territorial birds you ask? No, Doodle loves bird noms...a lot. Mmmm, birdie noms.

Have you a square to spare? Or twenty? Notice again, Max has an appropriate toy at hand (paw)
WHAAA! Brand new rug- brought it home that day- didn't even get a chance to get it dirty!

Whom you may ask? Doodle did it. be continued.

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  1. Oh, boy! I have a standard poodle, who we always say should have been a lab by the way he chews everything up. I could imagine having a labradoodle! (She must know that with a face as cute as hers, she can get away with anything!)


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