Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clean- It's How I Roll

Clean. I've been on a major roll lately. Windows, cabinets, woodwork, if it's not moving, i've cleaned it!
It's how i handle stress- i take it out in cleaning. The smell of Lysol is my drug. This last week has been a humdinger. Sweet Man was in last week for kidney surgery and is recovering beautifully. This is nothing new to us, he has on going kidney issues that require the occasional surgery, but it always puts me into stress mode.

My first born turned 14 last week. It doesn't seem that long ago she was 'lil Ms. B, sporting pony tails and playing polly pockets! She's growing into such a beautiful person. (still makes me feel old )

Then one morning last week, Rylee woke up vomiting all over the family room (more cleaning)
Later in the day she became more and more lethargic, normally this wouldn't send us bolting for the emergency room, but something just didn't seem right. We took her in and found out her blood pressure was so low, so probably wouldn't have survived the night!
After they stabilized her and ran numerous tests, we were told she has Addison's disease. This is when the adrenal gland does not produce enough cortisol or aldosterone. Certain breeds are prone to this disease, like Poodles, which is in her breeding. She showed no symptoms, except for the vomiting.
Poor baby girl, she'll require medication therapy for the rest of her life, but the Doctor said it shouldn't effect the quality of her life.

Maximus has been very depressed since she's been away. He's use to her bossing him around (i think he likes it!) and now he has to get a job to support Rylee's drug habit! Kidding : )

They are quite a team

We were allowed a visit last night. She's been chewing out her I.V. so now she wears the cone of shame. We shared a few minutes in the cone together.

Things can only get better, right? Hopefully she'll be home soon.

Now to tackle those carpets!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hello Gorgeous Gaia!

    Anytime you need more stress...feel free to come by my place. I clean when I'm mad...haven't been mad in awhile...tee hee!

    I know I'm a weirdo, but I love going down the cleaning isle at the market, nothing smells better than laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.

    Your fur babies are precious and I'm sending healing prayers out for your sweet Rylee.

    Thank you for your visit and sweet words...I adore your friendship and lovely soul!



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