Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Gopher: "If i was you, i'd think about skedaddlin' out of here"

Winnie the Pooh: "Why?"

Gopher: "Cause it's 'Winds-Day' "

We woke up today to a beautiful misty morning

The colors are almost at their peek...and then came the wind. Good-bye to the leaves,

and hello to sticks!
It's got to be the dogs favorite time of year

Chasing leaves and chewing sticks

Smelling the air

I love the breeze through the house and how it billows the curtains. Rylee can keep inventory of all her leaves from here.

Happy 'Winds-Day'

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  1. oh it's so windy here today too! i know what you mean about the sticks! have a lovely day!! susan


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