Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lamp Shade Make-Over

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Have you ever bought something with a certain idea in mind only to have that something sit in your basement for three years? Yeah, me all the time. I have such good intentions. Just not good follow through.
O.K. with that confession out of the way, years ago (maybe three) i bought a plain Pottery Barn lamp shade with the intent of covering it. Maybe a bold graphic! Maybe embellished in lace! Maybe gold leaf!...or maybe i'll store it in my basement for three years.
Here's what i ended up with-and of course, there's no before picture!

Imagine a plain white shade

I dug into my stash of sheet music and covered the whole thing using matte mod podge

I love the sheets with the teachers writing on them

I trimmed the edges with a tan cotton ribbon, and added a light kit

Used up all my supply of linen to make miles of cord cover

Shoved in the cord and scrunched like crazy

Using a medium sized cup hook in the ceiling, i hung the lamp ( here's where you stop and send up a prayer that it doesn't fall out of the ceiling and bonk your children in the head- they frown upon that)
Perfect over the piano! Now i can see what i'm playing and have no more excuses for all the mistakes ("No, it's the bad lighting, really!")

Now to tackle the 50 other projects waiting for me in the basement!

Have a great day!


  1. Good thing you saved it for so long because it look Ahhhh-Mazing! What a great addition to your piano area.

    Stopping by from The Shabby Nest.

  2. The lamp shade looks great! i can't wait to get a piano, so that I can make an awesome light like this:) (I really do want a piano)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I can see perfectly from your blog name that you do, in fact, have a thing for nests:)

  3. Wonderful creation for over the piano!

  4. How beautiful!!! And that you hung it over your piano is the best part!!!

  5. love your music corner. great idea on the music sheet lamp shade.

  6. Love your lampshade. I've been wanting to do one in old dictionary pages and now I'm motivated!

  7. Very cool lampshade! I love it! My cousin made one for a friend years ago when we were teens, and I always thought I may give it a try one day. You have re-inspired me! :o) Thanks for sharing.

  8. its beautiful..and perfect over the piano!!!

  9. What a fantastic idea. I just picked up some vintage sheet music at a garage sale today and I've got a nekked :) lampshade to cover! AWESOME. I'll credit you when I post the project.


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