Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Roasting Salsa

It was the perfect night for roasting marshmallows. The air was cool and the moon shining.

We didn't have any marshmallows made ( here is where i have a slight rant over marshmallows, if you wish to skip this part, i totally understand.)
Marshmallows are disgusting creations. They are made with gelatin, which is the gruesome melting of animal bones and skin. Yup, then they mix this grossness with sugar to made marshmallows. And we feed.these.to.our.kids.

This is why i make my own marshmallows. O.K. i feel better now, are you still with me?

The girls, both being jr. pyro's, wanted something to burn. They ended up roasting tomatoes and jalapeno peppers!The tomatoes explode when they are done and the peppers smell amazing!

We didn't have any onions to roast, so we'll add those later.
Every one was happy. The girls got to burn stuff and mama got her salsa.
Life is good!

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