Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweet Love

Yesterday Sweet man and i celebrated our 21st anniversary. Bliss

Tomorrow i celebrate my 46th birthday. Denial

Really? 46? The voice in my head is only about 18. She tells me i can do anything! She has boundless energy and is ready to conquer the world.

Sometimes the voice is 30 and looks at life with a practical eye. She'd like to have 10 more babies and feels pretty secure about herself.

There are days the voice feels 80. Her bones ache and she can't seem to get enough done.

Tomorrow i'll be 46.

How old is the voice in your head?

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  1. No joke! How does that happen. My voice is sometimes 23ish but usually 16. I hate getting older. I am 36 (I think lol!) and I look around at my house, husband and kids and think...... where did you all come from?!?! You are still young. 46 is the new 18!!!


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