Friday, August 13, 2010

The Goods

I did me a little garage sale-ing this week and oooh, the pickin's were good!

I've always wanted one of these watering cans, but the price has always stopped me-not today. Hold on to your nickers....$4.00! I almost felt like i was stealing!

Just look at that green spoutie thing! I have big watering can lurve!

I'm not sure what this bag will be in its next life (or how to clean it so it doesn't fall apart!)
But i'm lovin' it

One side...

The bonus? Turn it inside out and this was the inside of the other side ( does that make sense?)

A big bag of clothes pinsIn the bottom of the bag was this itty bitty clothes pin! And it's green!

I can imaging this marble being plucked from the pocket of a some child on wash day and being forgotten in the bottom of the clothes pin bag for years. It's quite beautiful, blue with a bubble in the center. (Should have taken a better picture)

Bunches of beautiful lace and trims

I think these were my favorite find.
Giant.Blue.Mason jars.
I washed them up and transferred my Stoli Dolli and blueberry mar-toonies into them.

Have you ever had a blue berry martini? They taste like grown-up Kool-aid. Good. Maybe too good!.

In a non porous container pour in a bag of frozen blueberries-they're a little mushier than fresh.
Cover with vodka and mash a little (the berries or your hunnie, whatever)
Let this sit in the fridge for a few days, stirring occasionally .
After you've stared and drooled at the jug for as long as you can stand it, strain out the liquid into your serving container adding fresh berries, some simple syrup and a splash of grape juice.

Shake it like your mama taught cha ( i don't know where that came from) and serve.

Enjoy! There is nothing like some cool blueberry love on a hot summer night ♡

What did you find this weekend?

Have a great one!


  1. Whoa! LOTS and LOTS of goodies!!! :) I think I need to go get me some good finds like yours! :)

  2. Hi there, fellow Michigander! I was intrigued by your burlap bag, and wanted to relate a story.....last week, I purchased a stack of burlap coffee and feed bags. I thought if I threw them in the dryer with a couple Bounce sheets, they would shed some of the loose fibers & dirt (although they looked pretty clean). After about 30 minutes our smoke alarm went off, and our dryer had burned out....ooops....I think some of the fibers caught fire. So anyway, be careful with your peanut bag! I'm going to spend some time reading your blog looks lovely!


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