Friday, January 28, 2011

Lucky Day

Today was one of those lucky days.
The sun was shining, and there were a few good listings for estate sales. Ms. B had a short morning after finishing a week of finals, so we grabbed a Starbucks {the official beverage of treasure hunters} and hit the road.

We found this stash of change purses- now there's no excuse not to make some change purse jewelry!

I love little whisk brooms, and we found two vintage wine pulls for the collection {i wasn't even aware i had a collection of wine pulls...apparently now i do! And another giant safety/laundry pin. I've got to find out just what these things are!

But the best for last...thigh high embroidered hose!!! I know! They need minor repairs on the seams, but other than that, they're in great shape.

Look at that sweet detail! Aren't they just darling?

I'm so lucky to have a daughter that enjoys the hunt as much as i do, and so lucky that she still wants to spend her free time with me. Love that girl.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feelin' Blue?

Got the blues? Not the boo hoo blues, the blue blues. I've never been a blue person- more of a green girl. If you ask Ms.B, she'd tell you i'm a neutral person.

Me: "Hey, check out this new nail/lip/fabric/paint color i just got"
Ms.B: "Let me guess, oh, neutral, big surprise"

Yeah, if nothing, i'm consistent! Sweet man loves blue...there's nothing blue in our house. Sorry dude { ha,ha, i said dude :) } Any hoo, i thought i'd dig up all the blue accessories i could find, and

Even my camera doesn't do blue well-go figure!

I do adore this blue bird pattern- It's part of the set that was my Mom's growing up
Bits and pieces of blue

The blue willow tea set was my Dad's when he was littleI have managed to work some blue into Ms. A's bedroom, which i'll show you when i actually finish's on the list!

How do you do blue?
Well, guess it's time to get out of my jammies and get on with the day!
Hope you have a loverly weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Dent

I've made another dent in the list! Woo-hoo! Remember last summer when the shabby window fairy left me these awesome old windows? They actually came from my friend Ryan {he'd kill me if he knew i called him window fairy! Don't tell!} I immediately pictured them as the doors for the top of a hutch. After moving around the family room furniture, i knew we needed storage for games, puzzles and most importantly junkies!
This empty space would be perfect for a hutch.

So...between Ryan and i, we came up with this 'lil beauty!
See the old windows in there?

I slopped on a heavy coat of 'weathered wood'

Then applied a heavy coat of cream paint to try and copy that lovely chippy look of the window/doors.I wanted to use chicken wire in the bottom doors, but it got sort of wonky. Instead i chose this grid wire,
and painted it with my fave- ORB,
then stapled it to the inside of the doors.

I lined the bottom shelves with cork paper. I love this stuff. I've lined all my shelves with it.

Then the best part, loading it up with stuff! I love how it turned out, and it's the perfect piece for this wall. This room is finally coming together. I still need a fireplace surround and window treatments. We'll see how long i can stay motivated...or how long the budget holds out!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Good-bye to Some Old Friends

Hello, my name is Gaia, and i'm shoe addict. {Hello, Gaia}
Shoes have always been there for me. They don't dis me after the holidays like my JEANS {hate you} they always fit... not always well, but they fit.
See that clear space at the top of my closet? I'm saying good-bye a few old friends to make way for my new bff. Yes, we're besties.

Good-bye silver slippers, you have no support and cut into by baby toe like a knife through butter. I'll miss you.

Good-bye impractical peep toes. Your awesome platform has no flexibility and makes walking impossible. You were the best standing around shoe. Ever. I'll miss you.

Good-bye pointy-toed heels, you were the whip. No amount of baby powder could pack my toes into your un-natural point comfortably. You ROCKED the toe cleavage. I'll miss you the most.

A moment of silence, please. .O.K. enough of that.

Allow me to introduce you to my new bff. {isn't she beautiful?}

She's so shiny! And sparkly! And... oh my!

My bff and i {and sweet man} are stepping out tonight at the auto show.
I'm sending out a 'lil prayer to the shoe gods- "Please, don't let me fall off my shoes and land on my face in front of all these lovely people- they don't need to see that."

Wish me luck!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Make it shiny!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Dent

I've made a dent..the good kind!
I've made a sizable dent in my to-do list!
My magical carpenter friend, Ryan, sent me a photo of an old barn that had caved in, and he was salvaging some of the wood. Did i want some? Are you kidding??? Free old stuff??? Come on!
My first thought was shelving for sweet man's home office. I drew, Ryan carpentered { i know, not a real word} but here's what we came up with

Just look at all that weathered texture!

Here they are on the wall. The perfect place for all that man stuff.

They even look great from underneath

Shelves for sweet man's office. Check.

Now only forty nine more things to go!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catching Up

Happy 2011 to you! I hope you had a relaxing, family filled holiday. We spent a warm and relaxing week in Turks and Cacaos with two other families. {I think i spelled it wrong} We soaked up the sun and dipped our toes in the surf { i'd post pictures, however i can't find that magic cord that takes the pictures from Ms. B's camera and puts 'em in the computer! Darn technology} trust me, it was magical.
We celebrated Maximus' fifth birthday {he looks worn out, doesn't he!} It's not easy being five.

This was his gift... and guess who took it! Doodle did it.

This year we spent New Years at home. It doesn't get much better than sitting at home in your Jammie's eating lobster and hash browns. Mmmm.

The kids had home made mac and cheese

We ate lots of this {o.k. I ate lots of this}
We played this
Turns out, it's Rylee's favorite show!

And we got our shiny on. My favorite New Years are always the ones that we stay at home with our family.
Now the kids are back to school, i've taken down all the holiday stuff, and i've cruised around blog land catching up on all you've been doing. So, what projects are on your list? What crafts are you working on? This year i'm determined to finish, yes, finish all the room projects i've started, but maybe got a little distracted and never finished. Yikes! it's out there, now i really have to do it!
Here's the run down

  1. Paint kitchen
  2. Window treatments for kitchen
  3. Swap out light shades in kitchen
  4. paint hutch in family room
  5. order fireplace surround
  6. window treatments for family room
  7. shelves for sweet man's office
  8. decorate sweet mans office
  9. sit down and have a big glass of wine
  10. window treatments for Ms. A's room
  11. rug for Ms. A's room
  12. trim and new doors for hall
  13. sit down and have a good cry over how much this is all going to cost
  14. hang family photo's in hall
  15. paint trim on living room window and front door
  16. Plan Ms. A's Bat Mitzvah that i've done nothing for and is sneaking up in MAY!

Okey dokey, i'm already totally over whelmed...think i'll take that glass of wine NOW

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

i'm going to go cry now

just a little