Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catching Up

Happy 2011 to you! I hope you had a relaxing, family filled holiday. We spent a warm and relaxing week in Turks and Cacaos with two other families. {I think i spelled it wrong} We soaked up the sun and dipped our toes in the surf { i'd post pictures, however i can't find that magic cord that takes the pictures from Ms. B's camera and puts 'em in the computer! Darn technology} trust me, it was magical.
We celebrated Maximus' fifth birthday {he looks worn out, doesn't he!} It's not easy being five.

This was his gift... and guess who took it! Doodle did it.

This year we spent New Years at home. It doesn't get much better than sitting at home in your Jammie's eating lobster and hash browns. Mmmm.

The kids had home made mac and cheese

We ate lots of this {o.k. I ate lots of this}
We played this
Turns out, it's Rylee's favorite show!

And we got our shiny on. My favorite New Years are always the ones that we stay at home with our family.
Now the kids are back to school, i've taken down all the holiday stuff, and i've cruised around blog land catching up on all you've been doing. So, what projects are on your list? What crafts are you working on? This year i'm determined to finish, yes, finish all the room projects i've started, but maybe got a little distracted and never finished. Yikes! it's out there, now i really have to do it!
Here's the run down

  1. Paint kitchen
  2. Window treatments for kitchen
  3. Swap out light shades in kitchen
  4. paint hutch in family room
  5. order fireplace surround
  6. window treatments for family room
  7. shelves for sweet man's office
  8. decorate sweet mans office
  9. sit down and have a big glass of wine
  10. window treatments for Ms. A's room
  11. rug for Ms. A's room
  12. trim and new doors for hall
  13. sit down and have a good cry over how much this is all going to cost
  14. hang family photo's in hall
  15. paint trim on living room window and front door
  16. Plan Ms. A's Bat Mitzvah that i've done nothing for and is sneaking up in MAY!

Okey dokey, i'm already totally over whelmed...think i'll take that glass of wine NOW

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

i'm going to go cry now

just a little

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