Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Dent

I've made another dent in the list! Woo-hoo! Remember last summer when the shabby window fairy left me these awesome old windows? They actually came from my friend Ryan {he'd kill me if he knew i called him window fairy! Don't tell!} I immediately pictured them as the doors for the top of a hutch. After moving around the family room furniture, i knew we needed storage for games, puzzles and most importantly junkies!
This empty space would be perfect for a hutch.

So...between Ryan and i, we came up with this 'lil beauty!
See the old windows in there?

I slopped on a heavy coat of 'weathered wood'

Then applied a heavy coat of cream paint to try and copy that lovely chippy look of the window/doors.I wanted to use chicken wire in the bottom doors, but it got sort of wonky. Instead i chose this grid wire,
and painted it with my fave- ORB,
then stapled it to the inside of the doors.

I lined the bottom shelves with cork paper. I love this stuff. I've lined all my shelves with it.

Then the best part, loading it up with stuff! I love how it turned out, and it's the perfect piece for this wall. This room is finally coming together. I still need a fireplace surround and window treatments. We'll see how long i can stay motivated...or how long the budget holds out!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Wow! I barely recognized the piece from beginning to end. You did a marvelous job and thanks to those salvage fairies for blessing us with "free by the side of the road" stuff.
    Blessings and happiness, Rebecca


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