Friday, January 21, 2011

Feelin' Blue?

Got the blues? Not the boo hoo blues, the blue blues. I've never been a blue person- more of a green girl. If you ask Ms.B, she'd tell you i'm a neutral person.

Me: "Hey, check out this new nail/lip/fabric/paint color i just got"
Ms.B: "Let me guess, oh, neutral, big surprise"

Yeah, if nothing, i'm consistent! Sweet man loves blue...there's nothing blue in our house. Sorry dude { ha,ha, i said dude :) } Any hoo, i thought i'd dig up all the blue accessories i could find, and

Even my camera doesn't do blue well-go figure!

I do adore this blue bird pattern- It's part of the set that was my Mom's growing up
Bits and pieces of blue

The blue willow tea set was my Dad's when he was littleI have managed to work some blue into Ms. A's bedroom, which i'll show you when i actually finish's on the list!

How do you do blue?
Well, guess it's time to get out of my jammies and get on with the day!
Hope you have a loverly weekend!

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  1. Oh my,,,I "am" a blue person,,,see my latest can just send me the
    I am drooling over the blue willow and bluebird china....lucky you!


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