Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On The Nightstand( next to the chap stick)

I could spend countless hours at our public library, they give you books for free! (you're expected to give them back at some point, but still!) I always walk out with more books than i can carry or have time to read. Cook books, craft books, gardening books, always something in historical fiction. The mouldering old librarian there has given me the bad eye more than once when she see's me come in with my Whole Foods grocery bags to carry my books home. I just finished another Kate Morton book, "The House At Riverton". She has a beautiful way of painting a story in your mind, full of mystery, secrets and people you wish you knew. By the end of the story you feel as if you were parting with dear friends. I think this one of two books she's written-i hope she keeps them commin'. Whats on your night stand?

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  1. Hi just stumbled on your blog from "lets have a cocktail" Your blog is very pretty. I LOVE libraries too and am always looking for the next good read. I love historical fiction too. I'll give Kate Morton a try~I'm going in tomorrow. Don't know if you read "Pam's Perspective"? she is a libraian and reads tons and always has great recommendations! Have a great weekend!


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