Monday, November 23, 2009

Lil' Get Away

Chicago skyline

Window at Tiffany's
Those yummy waffles. MMMMM
Giordano's deep dish pizza

Last week sweet man mentioned that he had a meeting in Chicago and would i like to come along for a long weekend. The words were barely out of his mouth and my bag was packed. My niece so sweetly came to stay with the girls and pups, and we were off! Not only is Chicago one of my favorite shopping destinations but also a great place to gain an easy 10 pounds (great idea right before Thanksgiving, right?) We stayed at the beautiful Peninsula Hotel, right off Michigan Ave. A hop and a skip to all fine shopping. Been there, shopped that. O.K, let's talk food. I'll only drone on about my top three meals. Breakfast at the Peninsula was dreamy. I was torn between the banana's foster french toast or the waffles and the waffles won. Three belgium rounds, one with cranberry chutney, one with orange zest mascarpone and the third with candied walnuts. Amazing! Our favorite lunch has to be pizza at Giordanio's. Chicago is known for their deep dish pizza and i think this one has to be our favorite. Deep and cheesy with a bready crust, but barely greasy at all. Yes, you do feel like you've eaten a football when you're done, but worth it. And finally dinner. For ultimate atmosphere and romance the winner is...RL. Oprah loves this place too. It's something like walking into the library of a country place, paneled walls and ceiling, books and paintings galore. If you go, reserve a corner booth. It gives you a great people watching advantage and you can snuggle with your hunny in those cooshie Ralph Lauren pillows! Oh yeah, the foods great too! Best place to put your weary shopping feet up and have a cocktail would be the Bar in the Peninsula. Grab a couch in front of the fire, order the chips and dip (really) and enjoy one of their signature martini's. We were two of a million people who caught the "Festival of Lights" parade down Michigan Ave. Mickey was the grand marshal and 'lit' all the trees along the street. The weather was beautiful, the company divine and it was great to get away with my sweet man.

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