Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gaia Friday(even though it's Tuesday)

I'm feeling just a step behind this week. I meant to post this on Friday and here Tuesday has snuck up on me. I've been nursing a sore tooth that turns out, after a trip to the dentist, needs a root canal. Oh, the words 'dental work' fill me with pure terror. Let's not talk about it...any hoo, i hit a great estate sale on Friday. The weather was beautiful and the prices amazing. It really gets to me when the people running these garage and estate sales get all jiggy with their pricing. We're talking used stuff. Not museum quality collectables nor ebay where prices are driven by demand.(O.K. getting off my soap box) I've been looking for a small laundry basket to keep in the laundry room and i fell in lust with an industrial looking one i spotted in Martha's magazine. When i went on line it was $77 plus $22 to ship it! Yikes! So when i saw this basket for $10 at the sale, i knew it was meant to be. I did the 'woo hoo, i just snagged a deal' dance (yes, i have a dance for everything) plus i added to my button obsession and found a darlin' mirror. Oh, and let us not forget the awesome tray or this amazing moth pin (i do like my bugs) Thank you lovely estate sale lady : ) How was your day?

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