Thursday, November 5, 2009

Funky Armoire goes Glam

That funky little number that i picked up last week makes her debut after her make-over! After sanding her all down to get the gloss off (lets not talk about the red paint dust i blew out of my nose...ew) i gave it a heavy coat of Kilz. Then a coat of semi-gloss white, polished up the mirrors and replaced the knobs. I really wanted vintage looking glass knobs, but with 8 knobs at 4.99 a piece...thats half the price of the armoire! So, off to Target for a pack of 10 for 9.99. Let's say it together, "value pack". I stamped 5 of the knobs with Staz On in jet black(great for stamping on almost any surface and smells yummy) and glued big 'ol buttons to the other 3 and...ta-da! Cutiful storage. Can't wait to load it up with junk! How was your funky day?

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  1. this is gorgeous... i love these projects! i found a vanity that I recently posted about... it is tempting to redo it... ;)


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