Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cupcake Love

I love a good Farmers Market...and i love me a good cupcake, so when i found cupcakes at our farmers Market this weekend? hello, i think i found heaven!  The first thing i noticed was the cutest little pink and white striped truck { sorry, no picture} and then there they were- "Kate's Little Cakes" This Michigan couple use all natural Michigan made products, no mono-poly anything, to create their little works of love.

I picked up a sampler of Lemon chiffon with raspberry butter cream and fruit topping, a peanut butter and devils food chocolate, a vanilla and raspberry, and my favorite, a chocolate and butter cream filled with a candied flower.

This one's mine! It reminds me of a Saunders Bumpy Cake {and it reminded me i need to work out more!}
Even the cupcake papers are darling.
Some serious love goes into the making of "Kate's Little Cakes" If you happen to be in Northern Michigan, be sure to check out this extra special treat!

What delicious treasures have you tried lately?


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  1. OMG....those look delish! Great pic's (a few didn't show though). I would have to have the one with PB. Well, maybe one or two of the others too! Yum!


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