Thursday, October 13, 2011


Every trip up to our Northern nest takes us past beautiful farm land. We've watched it bud green in the spring, flourish in the summer, and go golden in the fall.

Fall is definitely my favorite.

Every trip up North, takes us past this abandon house. What is it about old, neglected houses that makes me want to rescue them?

I love the curtains in the front porch window... with no door knob...or porch

She just needs some love! Maybe a nice coat of paint {and floors, and windows, and a new foundation...and plumbing}

The lawn looks to be in good shape! That's a plus, right?

Look at all that yummy architectural detail {and that random wire, huh }

There's an amazing barn- i could finally have my cows and chickens! {after a bit of patch work}

And look, i could even have my own craft cottage!
Bonus pallets! Score!

O.K Time to get back in the car, quit trespassing, and just drive.

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