Monday, September 19, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Summer

Where, oh where, did the time go?
The girls and i spent the summer at our new nest in Northern Michigan. It was a summer of no schedules, no pressure, and no worries!

We spent our days walking the beach

Playing with cousins

Oohing and ahhing

I wheeled around town on my vintage birthday present. Isn't she just peachy?

We splashed
We roamed
We poured a few of these

Stared at the clouds

Watched ships sail by

Ate lots of these
and these

There was snuggling

and relaxingBest of all, memories were made, and cares forgotten

Goodbye, sweet summer


  1. Your new home is beautiful and I am so glad that I got to visit it! You have as usual made a beautiful home for your family to enjoy....


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