Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Printers Tray Make-Over

Happy Tuesday! Are you ready for the snowlapalooza headed our way? We're stocked up on hot cocoa, home made marshmallows and Bailey's. Only the important stuff!

So, i've been going through my stash of 'supplies' { otherwise known as 'crappie's'} and found this printers tray that my mom had filled with knick knacks way back in the '70's. Remember those??? Every crafty house had one!

I outlined the compartments in pencil

then removed the back, and pulled off the dividers

using left over scrapbook paper, i cut pieces of paper to fit the outlined boxes

glued them in place and replaced the dividers

after re-fitting the back {thank goodness it lined up!} i made copper wire hangers to attach to some of the boxes
i glued in a couple corks as ring holders to the bottom

and there she is! I hung this in Ms. B's room. It's a cute display for her jewelry and stones

and it still hasn't fallen off the wall! { yet } : )

Stay warm my friends!

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