Friday, February 25, 2011


Today would be the 114th birthday of my Grandfather. Yeah, i know he wouldn't really be celebrating his 114th {that's a lot of candles} but he did live to be a few months of 102. This picture is of him at 13 {nice knickers}!

He was the joy of my life, my hero, my best friend, my inspiration, my partner in crime. He taught me to appreciate the past, to live for now and not to fear the future.

He called me "The Kid". This picture is of him at his 100th birthday celebration. Here he's holding 'the kid's, kid' {'lil Ms. B at 4 months}
He was a published poet, a world traveler, a grandfather, a father, a husband to the love of his life and a friend to everyone he met. His yard was the neighborhood meeting place, he corresponded with hundreds well into his hundreds, and he wrote with a beautiful old fashioned hand that i always envied.

I love being able to look around my home and see little things that remind me of him. His bow tie...old books...
his cane and cap... it's almost like he just stopped by to say 'Hi'

I was lucky enough to introduce him to his third great grandchild, Ms. A, days before he went Home. Before he left, he told me not to be sad, but to be filled with Joy.


I talked to his sweetheart, my Grandmother today. She misses him too, and says surprisingly she doesn't feel his presence with her. We figure he's too busy questioning God. They were tight : )

Twelve years later, i still miss him dearly, and search for Joy.

I'm still looking.

                                                             Missing you,

                                                              The Kid


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