Monday, February 28, 2011

New Toy!

Don't you just love new toy's? Now, let's be honest here, i'm not the most techie girl on the block, but i do get a kick of a little throw back instamatic fun  like this! It's called the 'Fuji Instax Mini' and i ordered it on

 It only has four settings and flashes on all settings. The photo's have that weird old school polaroid look...but cuter!
The pictures come out the top and are the size of a credit card- Look how cute! It's obviously not an every day camera, but i thought it would be fun for the girls to play with when they get together with their cousins next week at Universal!!! { hee, yup, we're meeting some family next week in Florida to check out  Harry Potter. Gotta get me some butter beer!}

Let's catch up next week!


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  1. how cool is that? love it! my kids would love it too!! have fun! susan


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