Friday, April 16, 2010

Fireplace (almost) Finished

Our fireplace re-do is almost complete. We started with a non-discript corner 70's fireplace...

Added a mantle and sides. Then got out the chain and hammer and let loose some suburban girl whoop- arse on the whole thing- really felt good!

Painted an under coat of deep green, and then a top coat of cream.

Rubbed down the whole thing with a coat of this amazing wax- it gives an instant vintage, aged, slightly dirty look that i love!

See? Kind of worn, good dirt

The (almost) finished product. It still needs a glass screen on the front, but the price has me a little put off. And of course it needs STUFF! This should be no problem, I.Love.Stuff ♥

Hope you have a wonderful, crafty weekend!

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