Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A couple spray paint projects

In my weekly run to Salvation Army, i came across this lazy susan. Pretty boring except for the really cute scalloped glass trays! I grabbed a can of Krylon in 'French Linen' and started spraying. I unscrewed the gold handle and sprayed that with chrome . For some reason (couldn't be my impatience!) the chrome spray paint never really dries quite smooth.

I also picked up this candelabra which was dirt brown until i gave it a make-over with spray paint, a bit of sanding and a buff of paste wax. (Sorry, no before picture)

I love how this turned out! At first i thought it would be great outside on the deck, but it just might make it over to the top of the piano.

Here is the after of the lazy susan with it's adorable scalloped dishes. Now i can't decide if i should use it as a craft caddy with buttons and stuff OR keep it in the kitchen for serving condiments...maybe i'll do both. If you come over for dinner some time and happen to find a button in the relish...well, now you'll know my secret!

How is your Wednesday?

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  1. I can't believe how fresh and sweet the lazy Susan looks now. Amazing! Hard call- enjoy it every day as a craft caddy or share it on a beautiful table for special occasions. I say do both! I hear buttons are high in protein.


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