Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dreamy Dresses

Sometimes you come across one of those thrifting finds that just speaks to your inner little girl. Last week i went to an estate sale in a beautiful old house (of course i remodeled AND decorated the whole thing in my mind) that called out for a loving touch. The contents of the sale explained where the owners heart her closet. Racks and racks, room after room of clothes. Decades of fashion, the good, the bad, and the really bad. Stuffed in between parachute pants and vinyl jumpers, were these darling petty coats

Will i wear these??? You betcha! They will be darling under my summer skirts. Can't you just see me at the farmers market this summer twirling around the corn stalls, flaunting my frills? O.K. maybe that's not such a good visual :)

I also picked up these lacy nighties and party dress

Sweet bed jacket

But my favorite was this lacy black number. I wore this to dinner last weekend with black boots and a cashmere shrug. I felt just dreamy and girly!

How is your Wednesday going?

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  1. Those petticoats are so pretty! They would look great on a pretty hanger as art too! I would also wear them. It's so nice to be a girl!


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