Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Really? More suitcases???

I know, i know, but aren't they beautiful? And what a deal they were!

I just read in the new issue of "Country Living" that the 'Wheary' bag with the faux raffia and chrome is going for around $225. Seriously??? I think i paid 8 bucks for mine at a garage sale. Gulp!

I think my favorite is this big beauty. It opens up like a wardrobe and after i get done with her makeover, she'll make a great side table for my bedroom. I started painting the outside of it yesterday and am lovin' how it looks! I'll share those pictures when i finish. I'm so excited!
Best of all, it's not even smelly! Yay!

The seller threw in this ginormous pin...not sure what it was in it's previous life, but now it's a key chain!
This pretty veggie bowl and a few of it's friends will look great in the kitchen.

Couldn't pass up these purses. I think i'll embellish them with old velvet flowers and ribbon.

These lacy under things will make beautiful frilly aprons.

And these little hand towels were just too cute to pass up! I also took home a big bag of miscellaneous jewelry, books and goodies. Now to find the time to turn this mish-mash of junkies into something wonderful! I still have plans in the back of my head to load up my gypsy wagon with other crafty friends and host a monthly 'yart' (yard and art) sale this spring. I've got plans! I've got junque! I just need time!

p.s. thank you mother nature for the snow day ; )

How was your day?

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  1. what finds! the luggage is fantastic and the purses and the slips! you had a good day :) take care, susan


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