Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Puppy Snow Day ⁂

They flushed a marshmallow down the toilet, they wore their undies over their jammies they even did the 'snow day' dance by the light of the moon, but alas no snow day for the kids. We got one of those big fluffy snow falls last night that neatens and brightens everything up outside, but not enough to cancel school. It IS the perfect snow for a puppy snow day!

Rylee and Max love the snow fall, it bury's their toys just enough to make it an adventure finding them.

Snow tennis balls are the best!

Get a load of those glam snow covered eyelashes!

The best part is no soggy mittens or snow pants and boots to clean up! How is your day?


  1. the pups are so cute! my kids used to do all those things too--sleep with a spoon under their pillow, fill the toilet with ice cubes, ect. ect. Didn't work. :)

  2. Awwwwww! ADORE! ADORE!!! :) My puppy would LOVE to be out in the snow with yours. :)

    And I LOVE the falling hearts. Wow!

    Happy Wednesday! :)


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