Monday, January 18, 2010

Part Three-Collections and Obsessions

I just returned from spending a lovely week in San Diego with my sweet man. We were there for a conference and stayed at the historic U.S. Grant Hotel. It was beauteous! I thought i would be all savvy and update my blog from the hotels business hub-yeah, remember it's me we're talking about. I just figured out how to set the house alarm! Not a techie at all. So any who, now i'm back home on my trusty MacBook (that doesn't try to trick me with big words and strange commands) to finish up collections and obsession's!
This is my favorite collection-girly stuffies!!! Oh swoon! I adore the creamy yellow of French Ivory. This vanity collection started with a mirror and hair receiver that belonged to my maternal Grandmother whom i never knew.
And purses. Oh, purses! I use these lovelies every chance i get. The baby shoes were worn by both my daughters.
Don't forget to carry a hankie! There are so many pretty ones. Many of these were my Grammy Vi's.

(why does Blogger flip my pics!) I carried the lil' white pattion leather to church when i was 'lil.
Sparklie shiny pretties make me SO happy! These old rhinestone belt buckles make awesome picture frames!

These shoe clips work great on my closet tie-backs.
O.K. Here is where the obsession part kicks in- i can't pass up gloves! LOVE them! The frillier the better. Any time i see them at a sale, i grab them! (Sometimes i wear them too!)
Here are some a wore when i was little- i guess it started early.
perfume bottles...
...and little chairs!
The majority of the chairs are outside in the garden, but i'm too much of a wimp to go out in the cold to photograph them! Sorry! Perhaps in the spring... Thanks for spending your time and letting me share these things with you that are near and dear to my heart!

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