Friday, January 8, 2010

Collections part deux

It's time for part deux of collections and obsessions (i thought that sounded better that 'Here's more of my junk')
The martini shaker collection started when i found the green and white one (front right) in the basement of the house we now live in. The previous homeowners must have left it knowing we would need a nip or two when we started tackling the renovation this house needed. Thanks guys!

I just recently started collecting the Sid Dickens plaques or tiles ( i'm not sure which they are)
I think most people collect them in series, however i've never been a conformist and picked randomly (i think the sales girl almost had a kitten) from what struck my fancy. That's just the kind of girl i am, so there!
This tree is my favorite.

...and more keys. No, we don't really have a Paris apartment. A girl's gotta dream, right?

But we do have a loo that somehow we're always getting locked out of, thus the cute bathroom key.

Suitcases. LOVE suitcases. The large hat box was my Grandfathers and the small hatbox i bought in Chicago almost twenty years ago with my bestest Marilynn. I sometimes carry it as a purse (that's a whole other obsession!)
I turned this one into a holder for music books.
This one made a cute side table.

The more the better! Now the one dirty little secret of these old suitcases is that they stink! Yea, you heard me. Stink. I've tried airing them in the sun, Lysol, Febreeze, baking soda, nothing has the power to de-stinkify them. So closed they stay. Forever. Amen.
I got this big metal chocolate box to hide my desk junk in. It works for me.
So i bought a couple more. More junk hidden.
You have only dipped your toe into the depths of my collections and obsessions. I promise not to drag you in too far.♡ Oh,maybe a couple more wouldn't hurt!

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