Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Collections part one

It only seems appropriate that i start this with my collection of nests. I love the architectural qualities of the mud and twig nests with their downy interiors (can you see the dragonfly wing woven into this one?)
and the airy weaving of the smaller ones. Some birds reuse their nests from the previous spring, so please don't remove them from trees! All the nests i've collected, i found on the ground.
I think this pin inspired my first love for birds and nests. My mom wore this when i was little.

So many of the tea cups i have, were given to me by family and friends. I love the creamy sheerness of Belleek.

Teeny tiny tea cups...
and egg cups, too!
Old books, especially the small older books that have such beautiful covers.

My Grand parents started me on Gene Stratton-Porter when i was little. She wrote of nature and insects, all the things i love (oh, those giant moths of the Limberlost!) I grab these books whenever i find them.

There is something so touching about the sentiments (thanks David!) written inside the covers.
Oh, that's just the beginning! Check back tomorrow to see what else i dig up!


  1. I notice you live in Michigan which is not too far from the Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site in northeastern Indiana. (Rome City) I work there as the gardener and invite you to visit. We have lots of events, including some very girly-girl teas. I found this post because I have a google alert set to Gene Stratton-Porter.

  2. Please don't take this wrong because it really did make me to both smile and wonder when I read your comment "There is something so touching about the sediments written inside the covers." Sediment means, basically, dirt. I think you probably meant sentiments but it did make me speculate as to exactly what you were finding written on the covers of those books! (I wrote that with a smile and hope you are getting a laugh too.)

    I think your mother's bird nest pin is absolutely wonderful.

  3. OOPS! I've always been a bad speller! Darn spell check. Thanks, you did make me smile ; )


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