Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Housekeeping Made Easy"

This morning i ran over to Sal's to drop off donations. I couldn't leave without a quick peek inside. Of course i found some treasures...a small milk glass egg cup, a sweet little tea cup, cute bird cage, black dress for Ms.A's vampire costume and this helpful book. It's from 1943 and called" Housekeeping Made Easy" Here are some of the gems i found inside: "Bathtubs can be cleaned beautifully with cleanser mixed with a little benzine or gasoline" yeah, gasoline. This one is really sweet, "Put a drop of your favorite perfume in your personal ink bottle or fountain pen. It gives a delightful scent when the letter is opened" Awww. And then there's this, "When your daughter's rubbers are too short for her, make sandals of them like those mother wears." Okie dokie. My favorite ones are the beauty tips, "To clean gold teeth, scour with prepared chalk, and polish with a piece of linen" Yup, got to keep my gold toof shiny! It's amazing how many of the tips really are still good idea's and some are just weird! How was your day?

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