Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beets gone bad

All summer i've been working my little vegetable box, protecting it from rabbits, ground hogs and dogs. I have a real love hate relationship with the rabbits.They're so cute with their big eyes and long ears...bunny love. That all ends when they use my vegetable box as a resort! Some little fuzzy friend made the coziest nest in the carrot row, and then helped themselves to the beet buffet. The baby pumpkin vines and scallions took a hit (bite) too. When they checked out i was left with two beets and a nicely thinned out garden. I planted the beets at my sweet mans request so the two that were left got special care. Where did i go wrong? When i dug them up this morning, this is what i found.Ugh! They have rickets! Not sure what happened there. The carrots look yummy though and i'll make glazed carrots for dinner tonight. Tomatoes are ever faithful as is the basil. We never get tired of sliced tomatoes with basil and mozzarella. Now i'm hungry. How was your day?

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