Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Blues

This is usually my favorite time of year. For some reason i've got the Autumn blues. It's been rainy and cold outside, not much of a chance for an Indian summer. I don't even have pumpkins yet, for goodness sake! I think it hit when i realized that with both girls in Middle School this year that there is no need for my room mothering duties, no classroom parties to plan, no school costume parade, not even an orange cupcake to bake! Oy! That's it, i don't have the Autumn blues, i have the post-elementary school blues! It would look pretty pathetic loitering outside the elementary school with a tray of Halloween cupcakes! I'd probably end up on some watch list! Maybe my poor me party is a result of polishing off half a bag of hershey kisses. Blame it on low blood sugar! The trees have taken a brighter turn over the past 48 hours. I think i'm next : ) Check out fall in Michigan from my back yard. How was your day?

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