Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On A Roll

I'm on a roll. No, literally, i'm rolling everything. Martha says rolled towels take up less space, and if Martha says it, it's probably true! It drove me crazy when my dish towels would bunch up in the drawer or worse, disappear behind the drawer!
So, i rolled 'em up. And.They.Stay.Put! Love it! I rolled the bath towels, the hand towels and the dog towels. I'm on a bit of a cleaning frenzy. No ones safe when i'm in this mood!
Do you know the Fly Lady? Hop on over to www.flylady.net and get caught up in the clean {well, we're not catching up, we're jumping in!} I bought her duster {i feel so Downton Abby, dancing around with my duster!} and her purple rags, and i just have to say, amazing!
Do you get the cleaning bug?

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. I'm going to try this "rolling" thing! I get the cleaning bug, but unfortunately, not often enough. Thanks for sharing this tip!


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