Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hanging Around

Spring has sprung early here in Michigan. The grass is green, the tree's are budding and the cleaning bug has bitten! Every spring we go through our closets, donating what hasn't been worn, what we've outgrown {shame} or bad fashion choices. Over the winter i picked up these beautiful wooden hangers with the fleur de lis painted on them.
I got fourteen hangers, some are black and some are gold, for $7.00. Love me a great deal ; )

They take up a bit more space then your traditional hanger, but i love how they look!

I organized my shoes, storing some of the dressier numbers that i don't wear that often, into boxes {cute box, right? Thank you, HomeGoods} I took pictures with my Instax mini camera, to label the boxes, that way i don't forget whats in there. Because i will.

Shoes shelved by style, and heel height

Purses stuffed with tissue, then bagged or boxed.

Baubles hung on a towel rack helps keep them untangled and visible. Because, yes, if i don't see it, i forget about it. I must have short term accessory memory loss...yea, that's it! ...maybe that explains the piles of stuff hiding in my craft room...

Has the cleaning bug bitten you? I'm tackling my family room next- stay tuned!



  1. Wow, very organized! I need that bug to bite me! Or maybe the sun to stick around a bit longer. When it is out I have had so much energy!

  2. Everytime you post I understand more and more why Ryan has always loved you & your family. I love your style! (and your organization!amazing!!)
    1.send the cleaning bug with Ryan the next time you see him
    2. My father in law has spent the last few years starting up this youth group organization for teens. He is collecting cans to send the kids to camp and also he is having a serious yard sale (I think June) where all profit goes to the organization/kids. If you didn't have somewhere special you were already donating too you could have Ryan take your donations to his dad(just an idea!)


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