Friday, November 11, 2011

Crafty Friday

I've been a bit buried in the past lately. This is really nothing new for me, my head is always a century or two behind, but literally, i've been sorting through books , war memorabilia, forgotten letters that my Grandparents have had squirrelled away in their basement. This came to me by way of my Father, who recently packed up and moved West. Being the only child, this is where it ends up- on my dining room table, and i'm thrilled...just a little over whelmed! I'll show you some of the amazing things i've uncovered, soon!

I know that's just part of my excuse for being a negligent blogger. I haven't had time to be very crafty lately, and i know my glue gun is feeling lonely!

Do you love these things like i love these things? Almost every outlet in my home is sporting one version or another of these plug in scent thingies. But then a friend told me of one of hers, that was empty and still plugged in, catching fire, and i decided right there that the love affair was over!
But i LOVE my scented thingies! They disguise doggie smells, and dirty carpet smells, and i'm so hooked on having seasonal scents!

So, i pulled on my BGP's {you know, big girl panties} and switched to reed diffusers. I'm not so good with change- it's different. So, here's where i'm at, i love the Yankee Candle scents, but their large decorative bottle is almost $20...yikes. I decided to get the refills at around $9 and cuteify up some bottles.
I pulled these wide mouthed lovelies from my stash

Poured in the oil and reeds, then realized i should have decorated the bottles first. Duh.

I carefully wrapped a bit of burlap { cuz burlap makes me happy} and glued on a vintage flower

Did the same to this one, only i used tulle behind the flower

I tried to find places out of the way to put the diffusers, because you know with kids and dogs, that oil is ending up in the carpet!

They really fill the room with a lot of scent, and hopefully i won't knock them over when i dust.
Sometimes change is good. I think i'm going to be alright ; )

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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