Friday, July 8, 2011

Mackinaw or Mackinac?

This past week we've been enjoying the company of our cousins from Florida, at our northern nest. We've been doing a lot of eating, laughing, shopping and playing.
Yesterday we did the touristy thing, and took the family to Mackinac Island- the land of horse manure and fudge. Yeah, you heard me, horses and fudge.
This is the Mackinaw Bridge, it takes you from Mackinaw City to the Upper Peninsula, eh?
We took the ferry from Mackinaw City to Mackinac Island- don't ask why the spelling is different-i don't get it!

The Grand Hotel is the prize of the island. It was built in 1887, and has been the backdrop for one of my favorite movies, "Somewhere In Time", and i believe several Ester Williams movies.

This is the beautiful tree lined road that leads to the hotel. Did i mention the there are no cars allowed on the Island? This contributes to half of the famous aroma of the island...manure. Yup. Sweet man and i have stayed here several times, and would highly recommend it, just not in the heat of August {no A.C. ugh}

Another famous stop is historic Fort Mackinac. I took this picture from the ferry. Sorry about the water spray!
There were dozens of kites flying along the shore.

and lazy summer dogs

Our favorite part of the Island is off the main drag, away from the hustle and bustle, where you get a sense of the history and every day life here.

There are dozens of these beautiful Victorian style homes that either rent out rooms or are bed and breakfast inns.
Notice all the bikes? This is your best way of getting around the island. Just don't get caught behind the pooper scooper guy...see his bike to the left? Nuf said.

Probably my favorite fudge shop in Northern Michigan is Ryba's. Their pink and black store reminds you of an old time candy store with the fudge guy working on the marble tables in the front window. And the smell? Oh my, it will make your jeans tight just inhaling that glorious scent.

And, yes, we went home with several pounds of Ryba's fudge. You just have to hold your breath till you get back to your ferry home!

Well, we've been having a blast, and it's all gone way too fast. Tomorrow our company heads south for home, and we have to head back to real life, too. I can't wait to show you my antique show finds!
Till next time ♡

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